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Hello from Venice!

We spent the last 5 days in Venice and had a fun time kicking around and getting lost. Our days were filled with some fun airbnb experiences that we booked before we came- these are cheaper and often times more connected with locals and we loved our’s.

We took an amazing workshop where we learned how to marble paper at Arzanart with Frederico and Isabella. They have a beautiful little shop where they create everything in it. He creates the paper, she binds the books and makes all of the products there. They are a sweet, warm couple and we were so happy to share some time with them and learn a bit from their knowledge base! Traveling can be hard at moments because it can be difficult to really connect with others- so it was nice to have real conversations and hear about life from locals. Luna is trying to convince us to create a place in our basement where we can have our own little studio to marble paper.

Another fun thing we did in Venice was also an airbnb experience. There is this small company owned by three passionate sea men called Row with Venice. We spent an afternoon learning how to row a restored wooden boat through the canals! Now, before you go imagining us serenading people along the canals with out excellent new skills- imagine us dropping the oar, almost falling out of the boat and laughing a lot- that will be much more accurate.

Anyway, it was a fun few days of great meals, trying to find our favorite gelateria in the city (Gelateria D’Natura won) relaxed time getting lost and fun experiences. Luna has just seen Despicable Me 2- and so she’s pretending to be Bob the minion, which makes for some great laughs and odd looks from people who may look at her and think she’s just a proper young lady at every moment.

more soon!

with love,


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  1. I love your interest in connecting with the real people and experiences in the countries you are visiting. And you exemplify our family’s philosophy of celebrating life.

    1. Hi sweet Amy,
      It’s great to hear from you. We are having a really nice time, and not being in the normal grind is giving us more time (it seems) to really connect to more people in little moments. Something to recall when we get home, for sure.

      1. Totally. I said to Josh more than once while walking through the city that Jesse would love these shoes. Still trying to get his sneaker game on point. Any suggestions?

    1. David,
      It was a riot to see us row, or not row through Venice. We lost the oar, our guide laughed and made it all look so easy- but we had fun! Xo

  2. Dear Luna,
    I got your beautiful card, and your words touched my ♥️ I’m reading about all of your wonderful experiences as you travel the world the marble paper is just amazing…..Love to all….Shay

  3. love the REAL happenings. travel’s about unexpected experiences—WE had some of those in our 1963 trip and San Marco square, the canals, and also a factory tour Ray had with my mother’s cousin who had been saved (with family) by some sisters in a convent. love you grandma anne

    1. Hi Grandma,
      I would have loved to have been in Venice with you and Grandpa. It’s such a grand old dame and pure magic. I’m sure many places are just as you remember them!

  4. It sounds like Luna has an excellent idea to add an art studio to your basement to marble paper and sew wool/silk fabrics. Creating things by hand is so much fun!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I think it’s a great idea too- we’ll have to see if we can work it out. I too love creating things by hand and travel has a way of inspiring changes, so we’ll see!

  5. That looks like so much fun! We went to a glass studio in Venice, but not paper marbling. So cool. Love the pics and your depiction of the rowing…too bad you didn’t have pics of that! Thanks for including us in your travel update!

    1. Hi Aunt Janie,
      Happy to hear from you! The glass blowing is so interesting to watch- we didn’t have quite enough time this trip, but next time. Love you!

  6. Looks like Luna, Josh & you are having a great time. Thanks for including us in your travel updates. Love the pictures. Safe travels! Love ya!!

    1. Hey Aunt Kathy,
      Love that you’re reading! I hope we get to see one another soon, it would be a joy to catch up. Much love xoxo

  7. What an incredible experience for all of you! Venice is one of my favorite places in the world! Enjoy all of your adventures and thank you so much for the great photos and stories. Keep up the laughter especially! 🙂
    Big Hugs and Lots of Love to all of you! ❤️

    1. Molly,
      So fun to see you here! Venice was a blast and we can’t wait to hear about Eliza’s graduation- seems like yesterday she was in 7th grade.

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