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Be Sure To Arrive To The Airport 12 Hours Early

Be Sure to arrive to the Airport 12 Hours Early

So, if I’m honest, I’m a bit anxiety ridden when it comes to travel days. Although things rarely go wrong, I’m always one to be way ahead of time, yet my anxiousness is heightened for seemingly no reason. I’ve tried to relax, meditate, take CBD- but airports have always made me a bit jumpy. Until now.

We departed Bali on July 8th at 9pm and got into Singapore around midnight. Since we only had 27 hours before departing at 3am for Tokyo on the 10th, we decided to stay at one of the Changi airport hotels. We’d heard that Singapore’s Airport was the best in the world, but we really had no idea of what that could mean. We had the best time I’ve ever had at an airport and I am a fan of airport time now, if only in Singapore.

Here were some of our adventures during our time at Changi Airport. Singapore doesn’t do anything on a small scale, so this building complex is no exception. The Jewel is a huge glass building with sprawling gardens, a mall, the world’s biggest indoor waterfall, hiking trails, 150+ restaurants, spas, movie theaters, virtual reality, etc. When we woke up on the 9th, we made our way to the top of the canopy where there is a whole array of activities. We did a hedge maze, a mirror maze, a ropes course, a bouncy course, saw an orchid garden and topiaries. Although we didn’t partake in the high tea or IMAX, they have those too.

After jumping around for awhile, we went for lunch in their amazing land of food where we had Tonkatsu and bubble tea & matcha ice cream.

The complex was vast and had such an array of activities that we shopped, got massages and ate dinner there too. The day ended with a huge light show on the waterfall that was comparable to a TeamLab exhibit.

Get to the airport 12 hours early if you’re in Singapore!  Xo

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